TYL Talanoa

TYL TALANOA is a monthly dialogue we host for young leaders. This is an opportunity for participants to meet and speak with some of our national and regional leaders to discuss, share knowledge and formulate solutions together on topics and issues youth face.

We are honoured to have had Lord Fakafanua, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga host our Inaugural Talanoa. His Lordship began his political career at the age of 24 which he shared on and offered advice on leadership. This was followed by a very open, and honest dialogue on topics ranging from Tonga’s constitution, women’s rights, healthcare and the economy. Together solutions were discussed on how youth can contribute to achieving the national goals of Tonga. Lord Fakafanua commended the initiative stating that the “talanoa” process is the best way to address the issues we face on every level of society.


Please contact us on: tongayouthleaders@gmail.com to see how you can get involved.